Complete Life-Cycle Services

Sustainability Commitment

Our Steel Drums Are 100% Recyclable

We're committed to protecting the environment and being responsible community participants. You can expect us to comply with all regulatory requirements and aspire to minimize the environmental footprint from our products and services.

Molding a steel drum
Container Management Services Recycling

Make Recycling a Seamless Part of Your Business

North Coast Container's trusted partner Container Management Services (CMS) offers steel drum recycling services that make it easier for our customers to integrate recycling seamlessly into their business practices. CMS specializes in providing:

  • Truckload and less-than-truckload (LTL) pickups of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), steel and plastic drums, and recyclable plastics
  • Environmentally safe disposal
  • Secure and cost-effective services
seamless drum recycling process
The Complete Life-Cycle

The 7 Steps That Produce 100% Recyclable Steel Drums

From new steel drum manufacturing, to the creation of recycled steel, this closed-loop life-cycle we've created with our trusted partners in the reconditioning industry greatly minimizes your environmental impact.

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