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We have 100+ years of experience creating steel drum solutions to meeting rigid industrial packaging requirements. Explore our company news releases and industry articles to learn more.

Enhancing Food Safety and Sustainability with Steel Drum Packaging Solutions

Image of steel drums

The food processing industry is continuously evolving, with an increasing emphasis on safety, efficiency, and sustainability. The choice of packaging solutions plays a crucial role in meeting stringent regulatory standards and achieving operational goals. Steel drums have emerged as a …

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Maximizing Product Safety with 55-Gallon Steel Drum Liners and Lids

A worker in the North Coast Container facility stacking 55-gallon drum lids and liners

When it comes to ensuring the safety and integrity of your products during storage and transportation, few solutions are as reliable as 55-gallon steel drums. Additionally, incorporating liners and lids is crucial for preventing contamination and ensuring product integrity. Liners act …

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4 Reasons to Choose Steel Drums for Your Packaging Needs

Blue steel drums at the NCC manufacturing facility

Businesses require industrial packaging solutions that meet stringent safety, durability, and sustainability standards due to the complexities of material transported and stored. North Coast Container (NCC) manufactures steel drums that deliver adaptable industrial packaging solutions …

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How Steel Drums are Tested to be UN- and DOT-Approved

UN- and DOT-approved steel drums on the manufacturing line in a North Coast Container facility

For companies that use steel shipping drums to transport hazardous materials, including chemicals, sourcing containers that meet United Nations (UN) and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations is vital for business.

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The Benefits of NCC’s Cleaner Steel Drums

North Coast Container steel drums on shelves

As the largest independent manufacturer of steel drums in North America, North Coast Container’s mission is to be the preferred container supplier to our customers by providing the best quality, value, and service – while leading in safety and sustainability.

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